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No one enjoys hard times. No one wants to be hard pressed by the challenges of life. But there comes a time when it appears everything is slipping out of your hands and you have no power to stop it.

Until you see things from God’s perspective, until you can see the whole picture, often nothing makes sense. But trust God with your life. Often it is when the challenge is over that everything makes sense.

Sometimes we wish we had the power to deal with the situations we find ourselves in. But the truth is that we have allowed or permitted the situation. We have the power to deal with every situation we will ever face in life.

This Message will help you understand who you are on this earth, the reason why God made you and place you here, and the assignment God has for you in His creation. You will discover the awesome authority you have as a child of God.

Principles are essential for a successful life and ministry. Principles are tried and tested and work at all times and in every situation. There are several aspects of a successful life and ministry. And there are principles that deal with each of these aspects.

During this study, we shall focus our attention on our relationship with God. We shall learn four principles that deal with our relation with God. Without a strong relationship with God, you cannot have a successful life and ministry.

This is a Message from the IT IS NOT OVER conference.

There are times when it appears everything is against us. And it looks as if God has forgotten about you or abandoned you. It may look like it is all over.

However, the things we see around us are no necessarily an indication of the way things will turn out. God has not forgotten about your case. He has not abandoned you. It is not over for you.

We all are constantly under pressure from the society. The society influences us either positively or negatively. You cannot run away from this pressure unless you choose to live in complete isolation.

However, you can choose the way you respond to this pressure. The way you handle this pressure determines its effect on your life. We must, at all times, live to please and honour God and not man.

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